Playboy Magazine re-invents its annual party school guide in a move that promotes healthy and open sexuality on college campuses.

Rather than listing schools who rank first in drinking and nightlife, the 2013 “Top Ten Party Commandments” is a “guide for a consensual good time”.

The somewhat heavy-handed “commandments” tell undergrads “Thou shalt ask first” and “thou shalt use thy mouth.” The re-invented list still contains a high dose of party anecdotes and choice photos. Students can be seen holding “NO MEANS HAIL NO” signs at sporting events, wilding out at a drag ball, and even hosting a “consensual kegger”.

As Playboy boldly states, “A good college party is all about everyone having a good time. Consent is all about everyone having a good time. Rape is only a good time if you’re a rapist. And f--- those people.”

This past year has seen a lot of media attention paid to the nationwide epidemic of rape at American universities. Notably, Playboy's top two party schools of 2012 are currently under federal investigations for the mishandling of rape cases on their campuses: University of Virginia and University of Southern California.

Playboy’s drastic revision leads us to believe that the U.S. Dept. of Education is not the only place students are taking their complaints about the prevalence of rape at their schools. Perhaps the growing awareness of rape on college campuses is re-framing what students value about campus life.

Is Playboy’s revised party guide the dawn of a new era for campus sex lives? Is consent the future undergrads want in this country? Or is it simply a gimmick? Let us know in the comments section.

In the meantime, look out Robin Thicke. Hugh says, “ask first.”

Check out photos from Playboy's 2013 party school guide in the slideshow below:

Playboy's 2013 Top Ten Party Commandments